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March 13th - 14th, 2021

Enriching Your Knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Energy Fields

About The Event

As a crucial generation in realizing Indonesia 2045 vision, which includes human development and the mastery of science-technology and sustainable growth, Petrolida Talks 2021 would like to contribute to the realization of those visions. Our aim is to give out inspiration and foster innovative thinking followed by the mastery of technology for this generation. With Petrolida's and the hosting organization, SPE's, background being in the oil and gas, we also bring up the future of the oil and gas industry to give updates and encourage our fellow petroleum enthusiasts. Therefore, Petrolida Talks 2021 will be discussing on today’s trends in oil and gas industry, entrepreneurship, technology, and technopreneurship.


What's On Petrolida Talks

View of The Future By Constructing An Entrepreneurial and Creative Mindset

March 13th, 2021

The fact that the numbers of entrepreneurs in Indonesia are increasing shows that more people are having an interest in developing their own business. Seen in that condition, we want to encourage more people to become competent entrepreneurs with creative ideas by learning more about the basics and a way to optimize their business to its fullest

Photo of Fellexandro Ruby

Fellexandro Ruby

Founder of Wanderbites & Co

Photo of Sammy Bramantyo

Sammy Bramantyo

Co-Founder and CEO of Lawless Burgerbar

Photo of Benson Putra

Benson Putra

Co-Founder and Idea Generator of Bartega Studio

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Dyah Putri

Coordinator of Petrolida Talks 2021

Phone Number : 081703874334

Line ID : dyahputrinariswari

Email : petrolidatalk2021@gmail.com